Come Watch Me Grow...

 Willem Brian Fuller

"Check out how I'm  growing and changing. Visit often.  I like seeing you." Willem

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1.  My First Day 2.27.08

2.  Week 3 3.17.08

3.  Week 7 4.15.08

4.  3 Months 5.25.08

5. 4 Months 6.15.08


 See a video or two of me in action.
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 1. Where's Grandpa3.17.08

2.  I Smile 3.17.08

3.  7 Week Smile  4.15.08

4.  Willem Chats with Grandpa 6.15.08

5.  Grandma Feeds Willem 7.20.08

6. Mr. Enthusiasm 8.24.08

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August 22 - 24, 2008
6 Months

Willem visits Grandma & Grandpa

Above Picture: Brian Fuller Photo

July 20, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma visit Willem





July 4, 2008

Thanks to Brian & Erin for the pictures


Four Months

Three Months 

My grandpa made me a special shirt on his computer.


10.5 Weeks -- 05.11.08

Willem's first "Movie"

Starring: Willem and Brian
Produced by: Erin and Brian
Edited by: Brian

Videography by: Erin



5.11.08 Videoconference


7 Weeks -- 04.14.08

The many faces of Willem by mom and dad.

Uncle Marc came to visit on 4.17-4.20. We had lots of laughs! 

The Fuller Boys


5.5 Weeks -- 04.06.08


3 Weeks -- 03.17.08


My First Day 02-27-2008
7# 3 oz,    20.5 inches   3:40 pm
Mom, dad and me... They're really happy!

 My dad caught me smiling!


Willem Notes

My mom and dad named me 
Willem Brian Fuller
They soon discovered that my name is also
Will B. Fuller.  That's cool 'cause my grandpa likes IMFULR. I will be 
Will B. & IMFULR!


 I'm the first grandbaby and my grandparents 
are enjoying it immensely.

Grandpa & Grandma Fuller

 Grandpa & Grandma