Curling 8 End

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Eight End

  Both of us curl, and have for nearly 35 years... with varying levels of success. 

  On November 28, 2007, Nora and the women's team she was skipping (captain), scored an eight-ender (where all eight stones score in one end of competition for one team - a very rare ccurrence).  It's only the second time in the 50 year history of the local Curling Club that this has happened. 

  When Nora was about to throw her final stone, Jan noticed the 8-end possibility and quietly encouraged the third to call the take out.  None of Nora's team gave her any indication that success with her last stone would result in the 8-end.  As Nora watched her stone slide down the ice, her team was frantically sweeping the stone to keep it from curling too far which would have resulted in the red stone "crashing" into a yellow and possibly remaining in play.  As she arrived at the "house", with the take out successful, she finally realized what had happened.  Celebration erupted.

  The illustration below shows the strategy for the final stone and the eventual success.
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The ladies have received a custom trophy, a Nora decorated cake, a patch from the American Curling Foundation and Museum where they'll have their picture on display along with other Eight-End Winners and their names in the May issue of Curling News.

United States Curling Association