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"The only really good place to buy lumber is at a store where the lumber has already been cut and attached together in the form of furniture, finished, and put inside boxes." Dave Berry

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Entry Remodeling & Railing

Learn more about this project at Entry Project Update.



Glider - 50th Anniversary

Learn more about this project at Benched.


Willem's Rocking Horse

Learn more about this project at Ridem Cowpoke

 Willem's Toy Chest

Eau Claire Curling Club Cabinets


Learn more about this project at ECCC Cabinet


RW Open - Golf Trophys



LCD TV Cabinet

Here's the TV cabinetry we built at the top of the stairs in the living room. See more photos and an explanation on the IMFULR Blog.



Sewing Room Cabinets

These cabinets are the final pieces for a sewing room.  The others included a sewing table, cutting table and small cart.  See also Bob's SketchUp Projects for additional photos and design comparison with final products.




Willem's Crib

In January 2008, two cribs were constructed.  Woodworking buddy and long-time friend Bob K. and I collaborated on this project.  The wood was gathered from Ed Wohl (bird's eye) and Blade Millworks.  The end caps for both cribs were of exceptionally quilted maple. 


The Fuller crib in its new home awaiting Willem. 

Willem Brian Fuller - CLICK HERE



Bob K. Crib



Gun Cabinet

This gun cabinet was constructed entirely out of solid wood.  Clear yellow birch and flamed birch are used throughout.  Ok - the drawer interiors are 1/2 inch birch plywood, but the drawer handles are hand carved flamed birch. The top of the lower unit is 8/4 (2") solid flamed birch.



Carpetball Game Table

This game was constructed of MDF for the Boy's and Girl's Club.  Lockable storage below added to the utility of the game table.


Home Computer Room/Office Cabinets

Clear yellow birch, flamed birch, quilted maple, black walnut and cherry are the woods used in this home office.  All doors and drawer fronts are solid wood.







Wine Racks



Van Console

This removable console was designed specifically for a Dodge Sto-N-Go van.  It is made of bird's eye maple, black walnut and cherry.




 My son Marc and I built these tables for his home.  They are made of oak with some black walnut details. The dining table has two leafs which can be easily stored under the main top.





Plant Stand

This mission style oak plant stand was made as a wedding gift.


Bathroom Cabinets

These cabinets are primarily cherry with black walnut, quilted maple and spalted maple accents.



Product Storage Cabinet

This oak cabinet was a project I designed and built with a woman who wanted to experience woodworking first hand.  We worked on the project together.

Bookcase and Cabinets

This oak cabinet and bookcase was built and finished prior to assembly.  The parts were delivered to Vancouver, WA in September 2003 by three of us including my brother Charlie and friend Roger.  The delivery was a 4500 mile trip over 16 days and included visiting friends, golf, sight seeing and cabinet assembly.

"CLICK HERE" to see our trip



Music Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet was built in memory of my oldest brother, Dick.  It was installed in the choir loft of the church where my wife sings.  The design was to match the existing organ cabinetry.



Three Dimensional Piece

This Door County momento is of cherry, oak, teak and ash representing various aspects of the individuals life.



Crown Moulding Shelves

These shelves were built to display some of the many items my wife collects.  They each are from a different wood including birch, maple, oak, black walnut, cherry and butternut.