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My ol' buddy Roger and I have been making an annual Christmas toy or puzzle for nearly 10 years.  Each year we search for possibilities.  It must be something fun or challenging that can be made of mostly wood scraps.  Although they're not original designs, the re-engineering to meet the wood-based goal is part of our challenge.  Some toys/puzzles have required several trips to the hardware, home improvement and craft stores to locate special non-wood parts.   Sometimes our ideas come from other friends - the 2007 project is the result of our friend Jerry who brought us a sample he discovered. Sometimes agreeing on a project is challenging as well.  ...but then that's part of the great time we have planning and producing these strange and wonderous toys and puzzles.

 Hmmmm, what will next year bring?

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In 2006 Santa's Elves took a break.
OOPS!  In 2006, we debated too long
about what to make and didn't get one built.
...or was that when we got too busy and didn't have time.


 2007 Project
The 2007 puzzle is a series of pieces that form the letter "T"e


2008 Project

The objective of the 2008 puzzle is to move the square into the middle of the other four pieces without picking up any of the pieces. It's called "Draw the Button" which is a curling term.

2009 Project

The 2009 Project is the i-Scream Sandwich.  The goal is to move the ball from one end to the other and back again.